Cupola Conversations

The Division of Student Affairs launched Cupola Conversations in 2016 and continues addressing important topics impacting students each semester.  The program aims to create informal opportunities for the university community to engage in constructive dialogue about various topics, some of which may be controversial and potentially provocative.

The Cupola Conversation will be held in a Town Hall style format as well as streamed live on Facebook Live.  The program features a panel discussion about civil discourse. Panelists will share opinions and thoughts about what they believe is needed to engage in better, more constructive, conversations about a specific topic or general concept.

The objective is to promote a shared understanding of the value of diversity across the spectrum and to create and maintain a civil, welcoming campus climate for everyone.  Additionally, this initiative will serve to create an institutional culture that welcomes and nourishes difficult conversations throughout university life.

Cupola Conversations are free and open to the entire ECU community and is also streamed live on Facebook (

 Fall 2018 Cupola Conversations

  • October 29th at 5pm – Crisis Response
  • November 14th at 5pm – Fairs Isn’t Equal